Press The Reset Button

Jan 8, 2023    Pastor Lance Bradley

We're almost two weeks into 2023. How is your year going so far? There's a lot of pressure to set yearly goals and resolutions. You might have started things off with a goal to spend more time with your family. But it's only January, and your schedule is already packed. You may want to run or walk a certain distance this year. But you've only managed to make the dent in your couch a little deeper. Maybe you haven't set any goals or resolutions and wonder if it's already too late. We've got good news for you. There is still time!

This year, you can do something that can set you on a path to your best year ever! It starts by pressing the reset button spiritually. 2023 can be the best year of your life if it's your best year spiritually.

In this message, Pastor Lance starts a new message series, The Reset. Using an Old Testament story about King Hezekiah, he shows us three ways to reset our spiritual lives. It is the most important message you will hear all year because when we live life God's way, God's way takes over our life.

Imagine what 2023 would look like if that happened! Make sure to catch the entire message.