When You’ve Lost Hope

Jul 30, 2023    Pastor Lance Bradley

In this sermon, Pastor Lance brought a real, raw, honest, and powerful message about his struggle to hold onto hope.

Are you having a hard time holding onto hope? Have you lost hope? What do you say to God? How do you talk to Him when you've lost hope?

What do you say to God when you want Him to show up, but He doesn't seem to be coming? What do you say to God when your spouse leaves you for another person, or you believe in faith for healing, and He doesn't heal you?

These questions are challenging and can leave you growing weary and your faith growing weak. However, there is something you can do with your suffering and pain called lament, which can bring you closer to God.

The Psalms are full of people like us crying to God about their suffering and pain. Their questions are the same as ours. God, where are You? Why don't You come? Why don't You do something about this?

In this message you will learn about a practice called lament that can help you draw closer to God during times of suffering and pain.